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Wellness IV Infusion Therapy

Wellness IV Infusion Therapy

Myers Cocktail

Vit C, Magnesium, Calcium , B-Complex. This helps with seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, enhances the immune system and improves fibromyalgia symptoms. $150


IV Fluids. Feeling dehydrated or battling a stomach bug? This is the perfect infusion to combat these symptoms. $75


B-Complex and Vit B-12.  If you are tired or feeling drained this infusion helps increase your natural energy levels with a power pack of B-Vitamins. $125

Beauty and Wellness

Glutathione, VIT C , Coenzyme Q-10.This infusion is packed with vitamins and minerals to hydrate the skin, strengthen the hair and nails, and slow the effects of aging. $150

Weight Loss and Metabolism Booster

Vit B-Complex, Vit B-12 , Taurine. This infusion helps to stimulate the metabolism and promotes weight loss with an essential blend of vitamins and minerals. it also contains digestive aids such as taurine, to help with the gut health and to help break down food for better absorption. $150

Immune Booster

When your immune system is to low and you feel under the weather, this is the perfect infusion for you. A high dose of Vit C along with other poweful antioxidents to help strenghtne your immune system. $150

B-12 Shot Booster Shot

Feed your body with a healthy boost with a B-12 injection. By directly providing your body with this vitamin, the need for energy-toxic stimulants (such as coffee, energy drinks) is replaced with the body natural use of B-12. This vitamin boost can positively impact and transform many facets of one’s daily life. Athletic performance, metabolism, sleep regulation, healthy cell production, immunity, energy boost– it covers it all!

Lipo-B Metabolism Shot

The liver is a major player in removing fats, toxins, and bile from the body. In order for the liver to perform at optimal level, several essential amino acids are utilized: Choline, Methione, and Inositol. Lipo-B is an injection with those three compounds combined with a boost of B-12. It is common practice for nutritionist, weightloss coaches, and health-specialists to recommend Lipo-B as a natural, supplementary means of detoxing the liver, aiding in weightloss, optimizing metabolism, boosting energy, and a variety of other health benefits.

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