Wellness Shots

Injectable B-12 and Lipo-B

B-12 Shot Booster Shot

Feed your body with a healthy boost with a B-12 injection. By directly providing your body with this vitamin, the need for energy-toxic stimulants (such as coffee, energy drinks) is replaced with the body natural use of B-12. This vitamin boost can positively impact and transform many facets of one’s daily life. Athletic performance, metabolism, sleep regulation, healthy cell production, immunity, energy boost– it covers it all! 

Lipo-B Metabolism Shot

The liver is a major player in removing fats, toxins, and bile from the body. In order for the liver to perform at optimal level, several essential amino acids are utilized: Choline, Methione, and Inositol. Lipo-B is an injection with those three compounds combined with a boost of B-12. It is common practice for nutritionist, weightloss coaches, and health-specialists to recommend Lipo-B as a natural, supplementary means of detoxing the liver, aiding in weightloss, optimizing metabolism, boosting energy, and a variety of other health benefits.