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In order to maintain Melindas Med-Spa & Salon high standards of quality and services, prices or services are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for any personal articles left behind or lost in the establishment. We look forward to servicing your spa and massage therapy needs throughout the greater North Myrtle Beach area in the very near future!


Hydro Jelly Facial

These high technology cosmetics formulated with extracts that provide a powerful hydrating effect, along with diverse active ingredients, different on every mask . We offer a varied collection of masks that address every type of skin condition.

A high technology treatment that lowers the body temperature of your skin by up to 10 degrees F providing an anti/edema drainage effect, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to firming and toning the skin. An innovative way to treat your skin!


Magnolia Anti-Aging Facial

Custom-designed anti aging this 60 min medical grade facial includes a glycolic peel, led therapy, extractions, serum, facial massage, foot and hand massage and custom masque. Hot towels and other modalities the Esthetician deems needed.

Back Facial

Enjoy all the benefits of our signature facial for your back, which includes a back massage as well as billows of cleansing steam and hot towels. Extraction is included as needed.

50 min $90

Teen Facial

An effective therapeutic facial treatment for razor bumps or acne. The treatment begins with a consultation, then includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, and a soothing masque. 

For both men and women


A series of six is recommended.

Deep South Classic Facial

Essential for any skin type, we customize this facial to treat hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, Acne and signs of aging.we use obagi skincare products in this treatment facial.


IPL Rosacea Facial

Using the power of light to treat Rosacea results in closing of broken capilaries that cause the flushing, while killing the bacteria that add to the inflammatory reaction. Cleansing, toning massage and custom masque included.


Yogurt & Honey Soothing Facial

Active yogurst, cooling bentonite clay, wild honey and oats that instandy soothes, softens and refines skin. Those with rosacea report reduced redness for 1-2days after rinsing. Pores get deep cleansed, and temporarily look smaller. This highly absorbent clay pulls impurities, toxins and excess sebaceous-ells from the skin’s surface, cleansing the surface and pulling blood f16\Yand oxygen to the surface for revitalization.


Dermaplaning Facial

Our dermaplaning facial combines both a full facial and dermaplaning. We use SkinMedica and Obagi products which are all backed by scientific studies proving their high level of efficacy. The skin is deep cleaned then products are applied to allow the skin to be prepped properly (AHA & BHA) so the skin is very dry prior to dermaplaning. This allows for seamless contact between the skin and dermaplane to accomplish gentile yet deep exfoliation with out irritating the skin. After dermaplaning the skin is steamed, light extractions and a custom masque applied then buffed and hot toweled off. A massage, calming solution, moisturizing repair cream and SPF are applied to finish.


Reveal Imaging Camera

We use the Imaging Camera to evaluate your skin pigmentation, photodamage, texture, wrinkles, rosacea, spider veins, and acne. The reveal camera provides you with both standard and cross polarized photography and measures surface and subsurface skin conditions


We carry skin medica, Alastin and obagi products


*For best results hair should be at least 1/4 inch long. You may not wax if taking Accutane currently or in the past 6 months, Retin-A currently or in the past 3 months, Glycolic Acid or any other keratolytic medication that increases skin exfoliation, or if you have sunburned skin, or skin recovering from a recent laser peel.
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