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The Trinity 

Learn how the 3 great treatments; IPL, Sublime, and Sublative, offered by the Syneron ETwo system can treat sun damage, skin laxity, and texture issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scaring, and large pores.

IPL- (Photo Facial)

Now you can safely and comfortably fade the appearance of skin imperfection caused by sun damage and other environmental factors such as brown spots, age spots, redness,spider veins, and rosacea.

How does skin rejuvenation (Photo Facial) with elōs technology work?

By combining bi-polar radio frequency and light energies the elos technology can precisely and safely targeted  pigmented lesions such as brown spots, freckles and age spots. Vascular lesions such as spider veins, rosacea,and  background redness can also fade.

When can I expect to see results?

Gradual and cumulative improvement of the tone is typically achieved in 3-5 treatment sessions, follow up sessions may be needed after the initial package to see continued results as skin is exposed to UV rays on a daily basis.  The total number sessions needed depends on your skin's condition and type. Sessions are usually spaced at 4 weeks. A consultation is recommended.

Does the treatment hurt?

There is typically no downtime with this procedure. Some clients may notice a darkening of the brown spots immediately after the treatment. The spots will stay darkened for a period of time  until they eventually start to  fade leaving your skin tone more even. 

What is the cost?

IPL Single session full face   250.00
IPL Single session spot treatment $99.00
IPL Package of 3 full face 675.00

eTwo (Complete Facial Rejuvenation)

Smooth, beautiful skin is something all of us aspire to have, but unfortunately aging, hormones and genes sometimes make it a lofty goal and one that some people may seek out laser treatments to achieve. Because not everyone can take a week off to recover from something like ablative fractional skin resurfacing laser treatments (one of the main treatment choices when it comes to treating severe acne scarring or deep wrinkles, up until now), new non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments have been created. The eTWO device, developed by Syneron, offers a non-ablative way to rejuvenate skin to treat wrinkles or scars while simultaneously tightening the skin. In combining two of their other FDA-approved Sublime™ (also known as ReFirme) and Sublative™ (also known as eMatrix) applications, a “comprehensive facial rejuvenation” experience is created with minimal downtime: two to three hours with the max of a day or two. This major advantage makes it the “go-to machine” for people in the real world who can’t have a lot of downtime.

Sublime uses a combination of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to provide deep dermal heating to improve wrinkles and facial contour. The Sublative, also known as the eMatrix, delivers bi-polar frequency energy to initiate a strong wound-healing response that smoothes the skin but does not damage it as other traditional laser treatments can. One of the other main advantages to using this device is the ability to customize the delivery. Think of an ice cream cone, upside down, that’s how it’s delivered to the skin. It can be customize versus a laser beam which is straight down. Other beneficial aspects to this treatment include the fact that it’s an excellent option for patients of color, its quick – typically 20 to 40 minutes depending on the area treated and it requires a short treatment protocol – three treatments (four for acne scars) spaced a month apart. Based on the severity of the skin irregularity.

Sublative - $450.00 series of three $1200.00

Sublime - $300.00 series of three $720.00

sublime and sublative together  $600.00 a treatment or a series of three $1600.00

Trinity treatment $800.00 for one or pk of 3 -$2250.00

click here for more info about coolsculpting

Peels Botox Juvederm Voluma CryoClear IPL Laser Hair Removal VelaSmooth Rejuvapen Infared Therapy

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Gentle Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Peels are available in Blueberry Jessners, Glycolic, and more. $35.00 as an add on

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

$250.00 to $500.00

Obagi Blue Peel, VI Peel, TCA peels

To be discussed at consult.
Melindas Med-Spa and Salon offers medical-grade chemical peels as a quick and convenient way to enhance appearance and self confidence, and get a healthy glow with little to no downtime. Chemical peels have been used for decades to revitalize and resurface skin,They involve applying a chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers of skin and reveal a younger, clearer, more radiant complexion, Chemical peels can be performed on the face, hands, neck. back and shoulders, legs and other problem areas to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and skin discoloration. Chemical peels are also effective In treating mild scarring and acne, Treatments usualtylast from 15 to 20 minutes and are one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate agingskin,and erase the marks of skin damage, Chemical peels may also remove pre-cancerous skingrowths, soften acne facial scars and even control acne.

Obagi Radiance Peel

Radiance effectively exfoliates the uppermost damaged skin layers, leavng your skin fresh, renewed, radiant. While it is formulated to be gentle , you may experience mild peeling and redness on your journey to revealing fresh, glowing skin. In fact, you should see results after one treatment. $125 A series of 4 to 6 is recommended.

Obagi Blue Peel

This leading skin peel treatment helps get rid of blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and sun damage. Using a low concentration ofTrichlororoacetic Chemical Acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base, the Obagi Blue Peel allows us to regulate the depth of the peel and remove surface layers of aged and damaged skin. These dead cells are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin's own clarity and tightness to resurface.
Starting at $250 and up

Perfect Peel

This peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types.This peel provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation and little downtime. Why wait weeks or months for results? Enjoy a radiant younger looking skin in about a week with the perfect peel beautiful skin for a lifetime Starting at $295 and up


The following are a list of things you cannot do two weeks
prior to your peel
1)Waxing of any areas to be treated by peel
2) Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal of any areas treated by peel
3) Tanning Salon Exposure
4) Chemical treatment of any kind Including alpha hydroxyl acid treatment.
Hair Color also cannot be done 72 hours prior to or after a peel.


Call for more information. $70

Juvederm Injectable Fillers

Juvéderm Volbella

What makes this filler unique is its patented Vycross technology which, through more efficient crosslinking, produces greater lift capacity and longer lasting results. In fact, a company-led study found that over 90% of test patients reported natural looking lips with more than 80% of them still satisfied with their results after one year. Having such a high satisfactory rate after such a long period of time is something to smile about: Previous lip fillers typically last up to 6 months, before your body breaks it up, leaving you with a deflated pout.Additionally, Volbella is a softer, smoother gel that allows for easier injection. Its lower HA concentration also means that it is less hydrophilic (less likely to absorb water) resulting in reduced swelling and a more natural result. Translation: Goodbye fish lips.


$850 a syringe


$11 per unit


REPAIR. RENEW. REJOICE. CryoClear is a cutting edge way to treat age spots, sun spots and skin tags. You'll be amazed at the reduction in treatment time and drastically improved results. See how.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

What is IPL Laser Hair Removal?
Average fee per treatment. Package of 6 includes a 20% discount

Upper Lip
$99 package of 6 $475.20

$99 package of 6 $475.20

$99 package of 6 $475.20­­

$350 package of 6 $1680

Full Face
$335 package of 6 $1608

Upper Back
$210 package of 6 $1008

Lower Back
$175 package of 6 $840

Full Back
$375 package of 6 $1800

$199 package of 6 $955.20

Bikini (line)
$150 package of 6 $720

Bikini (full)
$325 package of 6 $1560

Upper Legs
$225 package of 6 $1080

Lower Legs
$195 package of 6 $936

Full Legs
$375 package of 6 $1800

What is Rejuvapen?
Rejuvapen is a small, pen-shaped device that uses 9 micro needles to create very small perforations in the top layers of the skin. Although these perforations are invisible to the naked eye, they stimulate the skin's natural repair process. As part of this process, the affected skin begins to produce an excess of collagen and elastin, 2 proteins that play a crucial role in skin health. At Melindas Medical Day Spa, Rejuvapen skin care treatments are administered by Melinda, our aesthetic procedures specialist and licensed medical aesthetician. Melinda's advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and her background in aesthetics make her uniquely qualified to perform this specialized service.

What can Rejuvapen do for me?
Rejuvapen is an incredibly versatile tool for treating a variety of skin concerns.
Lax,sagging skin
Large pores
Sun damage, including dark spots
Deep wrinkles, such as forehead creases
Fine lines, such as crow's feet
Stretch marks

What are the advantages of Rejuvapen?
Rejuvapen is non-surgical, which means that it comes with less risk and no scarring, unlike procedures that require an incision. Because no anesthesia is necessary, the chance of complications is minimized, and surgical risks, such as infection, are also greatly reduced. Rejuvapen uses the body's natural reparative mechanisms to improve the look of skin without the aggressive use of chemicals or other substances. Not only does Rejuvapen activate cell regeneration, it makes the skin more receptive to the active ingredients in topical products, boosting their effectiveness.

Who is a good candidate for Rejuvapen?
During your consultation, our aesthetician evaluates your skin and makes effective treatment recommendations based on your needs. Rejuvapen is suitable for many people because it treats a large variety of concerns.

What happens after a Rejuvapen treatment?
Unlike surgery, Rejuvapen does not require an at-home recovery period. Most patients report feeling as if they have a sunburn, and skin warmth and tightness may persist for a couple of hours. These effects typically diminish within 24 hours. During this time, you should keep your hands and face clean and avoid using makeup to allow the micro perforations to properly heal.

The results of Rejuvapen typically take between 6 and 8 weeks to become visible. Some patients choose to undergo more than one procedure, while others achieve their desired results after a single session. Melinda works with Rejuvapen patients to help them create realistic timelines to achieve their skin care goals.

Pricing is $250.00 for one treatment $600.00 for a series of three.
$200.00 for any follow up visits after a series

Infrared is the warming sensation that the sun radiates minus the damaging UV rays. It is energy that is part of the natural light spectrum and thermal energy that is essential and beneficial for all human beings. It penetrates deep within the layers of tissues promoting better circulation. It facilitates the bodies ability to rid it of toxins and metabolic waste. It is a treatment that addresses many concerns such as weight loss , water retention, skin and body detoxification, stress relief, cellulite reduction, toxin purging, muscular, rheumatoid and arthritic pain relief, enhance the immune system, cardiac conditioning, and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Infrared Facts


it is good to sweat.. in fact it's one of the bodies safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Relaxation stress less, sweat more. Seriously it's important to take time away to enjoy a soothing and therapeutic heat.
It promotes relaxation improves sleep helps you stress less.... so relax

Lower Blood Pressure

infrared heat induces a deep sweat. A deep sweat helps the heart pump faster. This increases blood flow ,improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.

Anti-aging and Skin Purification

The most effective wavelength for healing skin ,epidermis and dermis layers ,is the near infrared wavelength. It stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve over all skin-tone.

Weight Loss

Want to burn up to 700 calories while you relax?Try 30 minutes In our infrared sauna. It increases metabolic rate!

Pain Relief

Before you toss back another handful of pills try relieving your pain with a proven all-natural method ...infrared!

Improved Circulation

Regular, mid range infrared sauna can significantly stimulate blood flow of up to twice the normal rate . It's like a relaxing, passive cardio workout.

Wound Healing

Research has shown that infrared therapy gently enhances the skins ability to heal and that's good news for your skin and overall health.

Cell Health

infrared therapy also helps the circulatory system, stimulating it to more fully oxygenate cells throughout the body. It strengthens the immune system improving cell health

Skin and Body Purifying Session

For the client that wants to purge toxins on a regular basis, who eats healthy, exercises and lives a healthy lifestyle to begin detoxification. $95.00 (45 min)

Fat Loss Weight Loss

This is the most intense and purifying of all the infrared treatments. This is the infrared Body Wrap. Weight and fat percent is measured followed by a series of steps. Watch the fat percent and scale drop even after one session. Best results from a treatment package series. Become slimmer. more toned with the added health benefits of infrared. Relax comfortably, fall into a deep state of sedation, detox your body and burn your fat for fuel (roly-polies) all in a cozy cocoon. 1 session $125.00 (60 min) 6 sessions $630.00 8 sessions $760.00 10 sessions $850.00

Infrared Sauna Room

20 min $20.00
40 min $35.00

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