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enhance your natural canvas

Why permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, or known as ‘micro-pigmentation,’ serves to enhance the soft and natural beauty already present in the canvas of the face. 

By highlighting already-present features, the client is able to achieve a consistent and rich hue to their skin without the constant hassle and stress of everyday makeup. Pigment is inserted into the skin with the use of a very fine needle similar to the process of tattooing. The shade of the pigment is matched to the undertones of the skin or feature being targeted, achieving a natural and vibrant look. 


How much does it cost?

As a tribute to our present and future clients, all visits include a complimentary consultation, second follow-up visit, and a touch-up.

Beautiful Brows - $455
Luxurious Lip Liner $455
Easy Everlasting Eyeliner $455