Coolsculpting and liposuction only hold one true similarity. They both target the reduction of fat. Although the outcome is similar, they are entirely different entities.  With bikini season approaching, the hunt for the quickest way to shred unwanted fat is on the rise. When choosing a plan of action, many may find their attention stuck on these two popular fat-related procedures. The question then remains: …Which option is best for you?

Not to worry, this is what our team is here for.


The most-aggressive of the two, liposuction, is a surgical procedure that requires the use of anesthesia or sedation. Liposuction serves as an umbrella term to many individualized variations of the concept. Dependent on the need and area, a different version of liposuction may be used. These approaches towards dismantling fatty tissue include the following: vibration, ultra-sound assistance, water jet-like techniques, or sound waves.  A small incision is made as an access-point to the fat-removal. Due to the invasive treatment, downtime is needed for recovery. Many return to very light exercise after a few days, but may be prone to intense bruising and swelling based on the area and rigor of the procedure.

Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Technology

Coolsculpting is an entirely non-invasive treatment, meaning zero downtown or recovery is needed after the treatment is performed. This is not a surgical procedure, sparing the client of any additional anesthesia or medical fees. Due to the simple approach of Coolsculpting, most patients feel no pain and can use their treatment as a relaxing break within their day. Coolsculpting is most-effective and efficient when targeting specific areas of stubborn fat. Areas, such as under the arms, inner thighs, love handles, and lower abdomen are very popular and often difficult to eliminate.

The Coolsculpting experience begins with a consultation with one of our trained and certified staff members. The staff member will analyze and discuss the area the patient would like to target. After a plan is developed towards finding the perfect shape, an appointment is booked. With the use of controlled cooling, Coolsculpting uses advanced freezing technology to eliminate fat cells in areas of specification. An applicator is applied to the target area where suction and a controlled climate is delivered towards the layer of fat. Fat cells are highly-sensitive to temperature changes, and when these temperatures are expertly controlled and maintained, the fat cell will die. Between 1 -3 months the body will break down the frozen and dead cells, later excreting the material out of the body through natural biological processes. Finally, the patient receives the sculpted shape they were desiring and….just in time for summer!

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