It’s hard to imagine a productive, non-surgical procedure that genuinely reduces fat cell volume. Of course, there are wraps and scrubs that pull water from your system, or other medical procedures that involve days or weeks of recovery. However, is there truly a healthy, constructive way to reduce fat cells without all the baggage?

Thanks to a few Harvard scientists and modern-day technology, the day has arrived. We call it Coolsculpting, but how exactly does it work?

The neatest thing about Coolsculpting is that there are no gimmicks. It simply is the exact way it is explained.

What is CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting is a new technology that uses suction and controlled cooling to freeze targeted fat cells. Through the suction-cup-like device, professionals are able to strategically target an area where stubborn fat has refused to give up. By using protective covering and a controlled cooling process, Coolsculpting takes advantage of the temperature sensitivity displayed by fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. After a certain period of time, these targeted cells will soon die from the cold exposure. Here’s where it gets interesting. We all know that killing fat cells is nearly impossible. Meaning, just because you lose weight, doesn’t mean you’re losing your fat cell count. The cells simply expand or contract based on caloric intact. With Coolsculpting technology, the cells are killed off due to their inability to take cold temperatures. After the simple procedure, the body then breaks down the dead fat cells and excretes them over time— leaving you with a tighter shape in a healthy, non-painful time frame.

How does CoolSculpting Work?

The answer to how CoolSculptinng works is all about the characteristics of fat cells and science. Fat cells begin to die at cold temperatures that are not damaging to the skin. Controlled cooling has the potential to drop the temperature of underlying cells, which will soon lead to destroying problematic fat that are more susceptible to freezing than surrounding tissue. In addition to killing fat cells, a certain type of fat, different from the type we are speaking of, is invoked when cooling proceeds. Brown fat is the groundsman of a process called Cold Thermogenesis. This process is when fat is metabolized to keep us warm. Brown fat has the potential to use white fat (the fats we want gone) as an energy source, breaking it down. In colder temperatures, higher brown fats are induced. These are our friends. An example of encouraging brown fat activity is an athlete taking an ice bath or wearing cold vests.