1. Coolsculpting is pain-free and effective

By using a climate-controlled device that is suctioned to the targeted area along the skin, Coolsculpting poses zero threat to pain and recovery time. Often times, clients will bring books, magazines, and their laptop to occupy focus during their session. It truly is that easy. Due to the non-invasive technique, patients are free to continue about their daily routine after the treatment has commenced.

2. Permanent Solution to Fat Loss

Fat cells are extremely sensitive to temperature changes; as these changes are applied within a controlled and safe environment, the cell dies entirely. Reversely, when an individual loses weight, the fat cells simply shrinks in size. It is just as easy for these shrunken cells to re-absorb fat. With the freezing technology present in coolsculpting, the targeted cells have found a cold death and are later excreted out of the body. So you decide: smaller fat cells or no fat cells at all?

3. Highly-Target Body-Sculpting

From love handles to the extra chin you never signed up for, this fat loss treatment can target it all. During your coolsculpting consultation, your trained practitioner will work with you and your area of focus to ensure optimal results. This procedure has the capability to transform a specifc area along the body that general weight loss cannot. All individuals store fat differently. Often times, regardless of the amount of works outs and deiting, everyone has a certain area they cannot seem to touch. With Coolsculpting, it as simple as applying the cooling applicator to the target area and viola!

4. FDA-Cleared and Science-Proven

Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment commonly used as an alternative to liposuction. In fact, this procedure is the only non-surgical treatment that handles fat reduction to be FDA-approved.

Clinical trials have proven to reduce fat by 20% in areas areas such as the double chin.

For more information on the FDA clearance and clinical trails, visit here.